Brown paper packages tied up with string… 38 Raves and Faves Since This Time Last Year


1. World War Z

I kept stopping myself in the midst of reading Max BrooksStuds Terkel-inspired novel, thinking, “This was supposed to be a silly fun, summer, beach-read about Zombies but damn, this shit is seriously deep.”



Perfection? I don’t know if it is or not, because each time I watch I am too overwhelmed with sentiment and awe to apply an ounce of critical thinking.


3. Monday morning swims after Yaknbo weekends.

4. Emmy Bean’s Fall Barn Show: All Music.  No Columbuses. oct12flyer

A dozen families of all ages. Half-a-dozen great local music acts. Dramatic lighting by the sun through rafters. Closed out by Merrill Garbus’ astonishing tUnE-yArDs… a musical force that will be causing ripples for decades to come.

5. In Bruges

Everything I love in a movie. Funny. Sad. Beautiful.

08 in-bruges2

6. …still more Blood On The Tracks.

Robert Zimmerman In heavy rotation from cradle to the grave.


7. The Maria Bamford Show

Maria plays every character and each episode has packed more funny into 3 minutes than you can imagine. Best bedroom-produced-design-aesthetic ever.

8. November 4, 2008: For the first time my team finally wins one.

9. Spy Nights 1 & 2 -

4333_100463601128_625211128_2308996_2052600_nHighlights? Spy Orchestra set in the attic really did go to eleven. And then at the Lizard Lounge sequel, I think Molly Z. must have blown up a bridge or an enemy tanker or something with her sonic boo-ya!

10. Heather’s Birthday Party in Deerfield:

Drums by the Fireplace+Darkened Dance Studio+Morning in the Forest= Peace.

11. Troy takes back the mic with Fluttr Effect (Middle East-Winter)


12. Clockers by Richard Price

If you have been needing a fix since HBO’s the Wire ended. This is where it all started. An amazing read.

13. Friday Night Lights recovers the ball.

627.x600.timein,chandler-brittDuring season 2 the actors admirably and blamelessly attempted to perform their way out of the godawful corners the writers had constructed. Season 3 was the clean slate they all needed.

14. Dan Long’s Birthday Bash – So many cameos, a star-studded affair.

15. Skins Seasons 1-3 (Channel 4/BBC America)

skins The first episode kinda turned me off, because the central character was a narcissistic Ferris Bueller, with so few redeeming qualities. But every episode thereafter, deepened my affections for this show. Like Lost Season 1, each episode is a mini-movie with a different main character. Best young adult TV characters since Freaks & Geeks.

16. April by Sun Kil Moon.

A lovely autumn frost with distant bonfire promises.00097a44

17. Season 3 of Big Love

Taking the stakes higher and higher and higher. If I was on the Emmy nominating comitee, the three Henrickson wives would all be nominated for best actress, and the best dramatic episode competition would consist of no other shows… just the finest 5 episodes from this season.

18. Kat made me a website!

19. The Limits of Control

Jim Jarmusch is back and better than ever! Haters can go the fuck back to sleep or wait for Transformers 2 or something.

20. The return of Victor Fresco!

Andy Richter Controls The Universe on DVD+Better off Ted on TV


21. Rachel Maddow on MSNBC

A bluster-free oasis of reason in political TV commentary. It’s nice to see one of our peeps up there.

22. Mary Effing Dolan Presents!


23. 30 Rock

especially “Apollo, Apollo” I’m Lizzing!

24. Mutiny story arc on Battlestar Galactica

Yay! They got the magic back for like 3 episodes and then mostly kinda lost it again.


25. Winter goes better with Toots & The Maytals as the escape valve.

26. Important Things with Demitri Martin.

The “Safety” episode was end to end hilarious.

Important Things with Demetri Martin
Safety – Guy With a Neck Brace
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

27. Lovely finish to a fine season of Blood From A Turnip. Thanks to my puppet-wife Vanessa, David, Beatle, Nicole and all the performers and musicians.

28. American Flagg is finally reprinted.

1980′s comic book masterpiece by Howard Chaykin


29. Re-reading and loving lots of Alan Moore.

miracleman2 And you know what? I actually don’t really care if they never make a good movie of any of his stuff.

30. Brooklynatti by Tanya Morgan

A new rap album that feels like all of my favorite mid-90′s rap albums, Buhloone Mindstate, Blowout Comb, Ressurection, and especially Labcabincalifornia.

31. My old pal JB Rote lookin’ divine in this photoshoot with fuchsia boxing gloves. Will somebody make her a movie star already?


32. Star Trek at the Drive-In.

33. My uncle Mike Garrity keeping it real at Gumbah’s funeral

34. Chris Ware’s animated Quimby The Mouse.

Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

I feel that for the past decade Chris Ware has been an unsung national treasure. He has been doing with comic art what James Joyce was doing with literary prose for at the beginning of the last century. And now he’s animating… watch out!

35. The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine

“…I heard from someone you’re still pretty and then they went on to say that the Pearly Gates have some eloquent graffiti, like ‘We ‘ll Meet Again’ and ‘Fuck the Man’ and ‘Tell My Mother not to Worry’”

35. Autotune the News #3

The catchiest combination of comedy and music since Flight of The Conchords. I could watch the Hillary Clinton section for hours. I have been singing it to myself for a month.

36. Rediscovering Born Yesterday/ Judy Holliday

I have just finished watching every movie I can find with her on DVD, and this truly is her masterpiece. No one else could deliver these lines quite this way. Judy = Queen of Funny.

37. Sorry Mr. Treadmill, walking Mt. Auburn Cemetery a minimum of twice a week now. Hard to believe that such a combination of natural beauty and artful creation is a mile from my house.

38. Last weekend: The Brattleboro ladies of 68/89 still rock my world and Chris Plumpton will always own the dance floor.

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